Illustrative posters for Cloud

I was approached to create poster advertisements for Cloud, an educational service community. They wanted 8 posters for 8 different courses. In which, 1 or 2 characters would be involved in an activity linked to the course which was given for each poster, giving a positive vibe to the whole thing.

One out of 8 posters for an educational service community called Cloud. This one is for a Manga/Cartooning course.
I was approached to create illustrative posters for Cloud, they wanted it to have a positive energy vibe, and cheerful and diverse characters. This was my first approach to design the characters.
Poster for the Parenting course.
Poster for a Stockmarket Simulation course.
Poster for a Graphics course.
Poster for a Psychology course.
Poster for a Kitesurfing course.
Steps showing how I usually progress with an illustration.
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